Celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2018, the Australia New Zealand Club has the longest heritage of all antipodean community groups in the Netherlands.

The club started well before the days of email and the internet, with a chance encounter in a Dutch post office in the late 1960s. One Australian, alone in the Netherlands, overheard an antipodean accent further up the queue. The two struck up conversation and decided to stay in touch. They eventually formed a more formal club for Aussie spouses to create a community of their own in the Netherlands.

Although it started as the Australian Women’s Club (the 1960s were different times), the club rapidly adopted New Zealand members and men. It stays true to its original purpose today– to help people settle easily into The Netherlands and continue to meet, socialize and network on an ongoing basis. And it’s equally as welcoming for long-term residents as those ‘passing through’.

The club organises regular events for members including BBQs, a Christmas party and group outings to sports matches, museums and cultural events. They also celebrate meaningful occasions including ANZAC Day, Australia Day and Waitangi Day.

Alongside this, the club’s quarterly magazine – “The Antipodean” –contains interesting articles and reviews by Club members, upcoming events, news from Australia and New Zealand and much more.

All members receive the quarterly magazine, as well as an informative monthly newsletter and great discounts to the event program.

You can find out more about different levels of membership and fees here.


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