This post is the first in a series that introduces and explains some of the different Kiwi groups that exist in the Netherlands, and that you can tap into.

Kiwis in Holland is the Netherlands’ most active online community of Kiwis. This longstanding Facebook group is the perfect place to be if you want to quickly and easily tap into the New Zealand experience in Holland. 

The community is incredibly diverse. You’ll find long term expats who have made Holland their home, young professionals who’ve just arrived and everything in between. Members also come from different professional backgrounds – tradies, welders, scientists, small business owners and hospitality feature alongside more corporate types. And it’s not just focused on the big city experience of Amsterdam or The Hague – places like Zandvoort and Spijkernisse are just as prominent here. 

The wide ranges of interests, backgrounds and expertise create a community whose knowledge of the Netherlands is second to none. It can be easy to get stuck when trying to navigate some of the more complicated parts of life in the Netherlands – think visas, tax or where to get Marmite for example. Here, you’ll get solid, no-nonsense advice to help you find your way, from Kiwis who’ve been through it before. 

It’s also a great place to come to keep that connection with New Zealand from afar by sharing a joke, insight or comment that only another Kiwi will understand. Whether it’s reminiscing about the days when stubbies were the height of fashion, finding someone else who knows what a pineapple lump is, or debating the latest All Blacks selection. If you’re missing that connection with home, here you’ll find someone who “gets it”. 

As a side note, we know it’s a bit strange that there are two organisations in the Netherlands with really similar names: Kiwis in Holland and Kiwis in the Netherlands (the authors of this article). Both groups that started about the same time and have been committed to the Kiwi community in the Netherlands for the best part of a decade. But we’re both slightly different – Kiwis in Holland is the strongest, most active online community, whereas Kiwis in the Netherlands focuses more on events, content and partnerships. At the end of the day, we both have the same objectives – to create positive energy around New Zealand culture in the Netherlands. 

You can find Kiwis in Holland on Facebook here.


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